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Drakan: Order of the Flame
PC (1999)

Many centuries ago, mankind and dragonkind fought each other, and chaos ruled. After many years, the conflict came to an end, as the Order of the Flame was created, bonding men and dragons togather as the protectors of peace and virtue. Under the direction of the Order, the world of Drakan has prospered in peace, attaining new heights of learning of magic.

All this came to an end when Navros, the war mage, betrayed the Order of the Flame, and led the Dark Union against the Order in the Dark Wars. He released evils on the world such as the Wartocks, to serve as his army. The Order was demolished, and only by the sacrifice of the great dragon Arokh the Drak Union was stopped. Arokh and the rest of the surviving dragons went away to sleep, and the Order and the Union were thought to be finished at that time, centuries ago. They were wrong. g Waking up from a Wartock raid of her village, Rynn, a young warrior, discover the village in ruins and her brother kidnapped. As she sets out to find him, she becomes, perhaps by destiny, bound to the legendary dragon Arokh. The two then set out to find out what is happening...

Lead Programming Stuart Denman
Lead Design Alan Patmore
Lead Artist Mike Nichols
Lead Animator Mel Guymon
Internal Production Nick Radovich
Programming Greg Alt, Satish Bhatti, Tim Ebling, Shaun Leach, Armen Levonian, Tomas Vykruta
Design Isaac Barry, Todd Clineschmidt, John McWilliams, John Whitmore, Duncan
Art/Animation Luke Anderson, Tom Byrne, Scott Cummings, Hugh Jamieson, Ben Olson, Joe Olson, Hans Piwenitzky, Ryan Potter, Heron Prior, Louise Smith
Music B.L.A.S.T., Tim Ebling
Sound Design Boyd Post, Nick Radovich, Pro.Motions, Clatter and Dinn, Ear Force
Documentation Stuart Denman, Jordan Thomas
Testers Jordan Thomas, Clayton Denman, Andre Maguire, Stephan Yotz, Joseph Lindhartsen, Thomas Holley, Brooke Farnsworth, Kelly Steigman, Ryan Johnson, Jacob Rep, Jeff Rensvold, Matt Teemer, Paulette Peitersen
Psygnosis Producer Stephen Patterson
Associate Producer Tami Gabay
Head Producer (San Francisco Studio) Bert Schroeder
Technical Development Mrg (San Francisco Studio) JF Prata
Art Manager (San Francisco Studio) Carrie Galbraith
Studio Manager (San Francisco Studio) Vince Hedges
QA Manager (UK Test Team) Peter Samuels
Product Test Mgr (UK Test Team) Lee Darbyshire
Product Eval. Mgr (UK Test Team) Arthur Parsons
Lead Testers (UK Test Team) Wayne Smith, Alan Mawer
Testers (UK Test Team) Stuart Williams, Mark Halsall, Allan Speed, Mark Magill, Jenny Newby, Stuart Allen, John Wild, Barclay Christmas, Chad Bordwell, Tanya Oviedo, Joe Gozum
Special Thanks Erik Heinrich, San Francisco Art Group, San Francisco Test Group, Tom Prata, Maurice Molyneaux, Nino Ceraolo, Jerry Healy, Jerome Paterno, Tracy Egan, Mark Beaumont
Extra thanks to Kimberly Rogers (as acting producer when the road got rough), Hugh Jamieson (for killer box art)
Senior Central Product Development Manager Rick Naylor
Public Relations Manager Dana Oertell
Assoc Public Relations Mgr Brian Kemp
Sr Product Marketing Mgr Doug Sherman
V.P. Marketing Harry Vitelli
Creative Services Director Robert Schonfisch
Box Illustration Hugh Jamieson (Surreal Software)
Box and Manual Design Scott Allen
Creative Services/Operations Manager Monique Catley
In memory of Cheryl Patterson
Surreal Software - Special Thanks Putting up with the long hours with the "other woman" Rynn and her Dragon, Arockh Our wives, Significant others, Friends
Voices Lani Minella (Rynn), Jeff McNeal (Arokh)
Motion Capture Michelle McVadon, Brittany Billmaier
Keeping us awake with the best bean in town, Pagliacci, and Mirth the wonder Chinchilla Ladro
Keeping up the news Jacob Robinson, Carl Nelson, Colin Braumiller, Kyle Davis, Steve Silva, Steve Gibson, Billy Wilson, sCary
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